Thursday, January 21, 2010

new board!



here is my new pod-inspired board with a quad setup, which i've been fascinated by ever since i got my green fish above. the fish has just two keels and occasionally forces one to think about what it would feel like to have more traction and drive, or perhaps a slightly narrower nose for hollower waves. the pod is 6'2" by 20.75" by 15" by 15". it's also sort of beefy thick, at 2.75".

i was worried it wasn't a sharp enough departure from the fish, but i think the shaper, dario of derrem, who is really a great guy and works promptly with a lot of attention to quality and detail, got the measurements right. the fish is a 6" with 16.25" in the nose and tail, 20.5" wide and 2.5" thick. my idea with the pod was to go a bit narrower, get more traction with a couple extra fins, and keep the overall floatiness of the fish, which catches tons of waves... the new board is still drying but i plan to try it next week...
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