Wednesday, June 30, 2010

wind in peru? blah!

strange conditions the past few days in lima, with heavy windswell accompanying a big and powerful groundswell that left frustrated surfers in short-cycle sets that resembled washing machines. mushy 10 foot waves kept most people out of the water and the extreme southerly swell direction didn't help either. peru's coast is probably one of the least wind places on earth, which normally means you can surf on glassy waves at sunset, but these last few days have been an anomaly of sorts...
that being said, triangulo came alive as it does on occasion, and on saturday morning we were the only two surfers out as it started to crank up... it's also pretty much the only break in southern peru perfectly sheltered from the wind...

Monday, June 21, 2010


after a hiatus, i'm happy to be back surfing in peru. surfed a few times in san diego a couple of weeks ago and was miffed by the gutless windswell. saturday took us to arica, a beachbreak that was throwing up a fairly nasty lip and proved to be lots of fun. it was our first time out there and normally is a place that people go to when the points are flat. (picture above from a big day at arica). sunday took us to san bartolo, which worked about as well as i've ever seen it, and further out in the bay penascal was cracking. that drop looks awfully exciting, but you need a big board to get into the wave. also, happy to hear spinalsurfer surfing with our leaping friends.