Monday, February 14, 2011

more rising sun

the best board i've ever had, the rising sun by t. patterson. surfed it on nice waves this weekend south of lima. on senorita's it caught the wave early and showed amazing responsiveness and control on a wave that glides over big nasty rocks that you need to navigate away from while on the wave. it also surfed nicely at caballeros and even punta roquitas. i've never ridden such a nice board that is so responsive, light, easy to turn, good for padding...
can't recommend this highly enough...

Monday, February 7, 2011

rising sun test ride

rode my t. patterson rising sun this morning for the first time. it performed better than expected. i have the feeling it will become my daily driver. it's a 6'2' x 20'' by 2.4''. this mean its thinner than my pod and narrower through the nose and tail, making it much more controllable and responsive. very nice. i surfed in the relative mush of lima but am anxious to try it in the pumping waves south of here. here is the guy talking about another board...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

rising sun

rising sun - that's the new t. patterson model i'm about to pick up from his south american representative/shaper, dario of derrem. i sold a longboard and a 6'8' thruster in five minutes to raise the funds. we are happy. t. patterson is a socal native and has quite a following. the rising sun has a slightly narrower nose than the pod i'm currently riding, a bit more rocker and is a bit narrower and thinner throughout.
here is to you, mr. cornwall!