Friday, January 14, 2011

fakes waves near real waves

this is quite literally the one of the strangest things i've seen in peru -- a wave machine set up in Asia, the annoyingly pituco beach community south of Lima, which is on the water and very close to some splendid breaks. i can't figure out why anyone would get on a wave machine when there are consistent waves only 50 yards away. i understand that it's part of a marketing thing done by the cell phone company, but come on, it's a waste of water in a desert, and you can surf with dolphins if you bother to enter the ocean...


  1. This is Peru , all and nothing at the same time !!! An interesting place full of contrasts...keep on surfing !!!
    A spaniard living and surfing in Lima

  2. haha we have one of these at the beach here in san diego... love how hard it was for sofia to come up with an example of how similar it is to surfing ahahahaha...anyway, i'm moving to peru in a few days... maybe i'll see you in the water