Wednesday, February 2, 2011

rising sun

rising sun - that's the new t. patterson model i'm about to pick up from his south american representative/shaper, dario of derrem. i sold a longboard and a 6'8' thruster in five minutes to raise the funds. we are happy. t. patterson is a socal native and has quite a following. the rising sun has a slightly narrower nose than the pod i'm currently riding, a bit more rocker and is a bit narrower and thinner throughout.
here is to you, mr. cornwall!


  1. oooh a new board, does life get any better.

    That's the dude that makes a surf tec model too right?!?!?

    Are you riding the Derem quad fish still? How's that working out for you? I loved it so much for ages, it was great to ride at fast down the line, sort of pump a lot waves, but it found its limits in more wally numbers. We don't have so many fast waves here and it seems to be slipping down the pecking order a bit which is sad. I'm just loving my Webber fatburner so much.

    Still with two weeks to go before my Morocco trip I'm scanning the Atlantic.

    You should post some piciies of your whole quiver dude, your wood shed's got some interesting numbers that tell a whole story.

    Muchos Aloha

    Alaia? or Bonzer?

  2. hey EL! it is the same guy indeed. the pod is still my go to board, but i think it will be replaced by the rising sun. the pod quickly turns into a freakshow on wally waves, wanting to sort of flop over instead of cut a nice line. i've managed to surf it in all kinds of waves, but there comes a time when it becomes uncomfortable and unwieldy with so much foam. we will see which board wins. i had no idea you got a webber fatburner. those are great. hugs to you and the misses! and enjoy morocco. that is amazing!

  3. Man, vc escreve bem para caramba! Parabens, cara!
    abracao from The Ambassador.