Thursday, November 4, 2010

classy peruvians!

here is a link to the other story from the ISA world championship that wasn't told. it's about how peru's team blocked an australian from catching waves and how the local crowd threw rocks at the australian (even though he was the victim. i guess he didn't have the right to complain about being in the water with a rude sport). of course there were no decent security guards or police on hand to protect anybody when he was hit in the head by rocks. of course all local press coverage was all about the glory, even though there was lots of second guessing the judges. on sunday i was in the water, somebody paddled in front of me while i was going for a wave, our leashes got tangled and me, being the nice guy, volunteered to take off my leash to untangle us. truth be told, the guy who's fault it was didn't say thanks and didn't apologize. he just silently paddled away. classy! i've also seen peruvian surfers routinely mistreat parking lot attendants just because it makes them feel good to beat up on people. classy!

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  1. Dude you should talk to Andrew, I've been in the water with Andrew when I thought he might internally combust with anger.....shame really.

    Sport or Art is a debate within surfing I reckon. When you see those negative attributes I can only think or being a good or bad sport. That in itself seems to answer it.