Monday, November 8, 2010

more dirt on the peru-australian beef!

here in el comercio you can read the closest the peruvian press has come to talking about the rock-throwing peruvian hooligans who attacked members of australia's surf team the other weekend at the ISA games. or, maybe you can't. this story has mulanovich and villaran basically defending tough tactics in the water (blocking a competitor to prevent him from catching a wave so that members of the peru team would advance to the next round) but not talking about what happened afterwards. the australian surfer complained, there was some pushing in the water and then, when the australian came ashore, a bunch of peruvian fans threw rocks at him. classy! australia has said it won't send its junior team here next here for the world's, and other coaches have raised a stink. i say this: if you can't control your own fans you need to tell them to go home. keep in mind that this attack happened on one of the most expensive beaches in the whole country. it is full of rich people. what's this say about the people who live there?

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