Wednesday, December 9, 2009

greg long

i recommend the highlight reel of the eddie aikau contest held yesterday, which comes with what sounds like a special bonus track sung by ozzy. it was won by fellow californian greg long. a couple of the waves he made were just perfect. i also see that chile's ramon navarro, who pioneered the nasty breaks in pichilemu, which are frigid, have terrible currents and require dancing over rocky channels to make it to the breaks, took 5th place and won a special award for the biggest drop. no peruvians were invited, so it will be interesting how navarro's success plays here. i think chileans are some of the toughest people around.

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  1. I think Navarro is mad. I mean he takes off on huge waves that can kill you if you fall off and its supposed to be fun so sanity will always be an issue but...did you hear the guy interviewed getting out of the water, short of frothing at the mouth and hitting his ear repetitively and saying "Kmart, boxer shorts" the guy was a chocolate short of a box. The funny thing with him is I reckon he surfs way more extreme waves than that regurlary in miserably weather...he was thinking it was a bit of ligt fun in shorts with wappas galore on the beach checking him.