Tuesday, February 23, 2010


i would just like to give a proper shout out to spinalsurfer, whose writing is inspired and fun. his blog, which was already hugely entertaining, is now even better since he returned to cornwall. he is probably the most maniacally passionate surfer i know. keep it up mate!

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  1. Chuffed to my core....I've always wanted to be a fanatic and these days you have to be careful there's some pretty dodgey sects out there.
    Still working on my "Surfing Guide to Peru" this has not helped my hair line which is retreating quicker the allies at Dunkirk.
    I loved the new age post, cradle and stick...makes me jealous, how many yawns are you on a surf now?
    I hope family, job and ocean are treating you well. Thanks for the shout out.
    The Spinal