Tuesday, February 9, 2010

there goes my childhood...

lima is full of schwinn bikes that have survived the times, and the rust of the coast, but there is only one model present: the sting ray. most of them have monkey bars and have been repainted several times and are being used by old men and women who pedal them around making deliveries. i imagine that only the sting ray was imported and more 'adult' bikes, like the varsity or suburban, weren't. my neighbor had a blue metallic sting ray with straight bars and a knobby rear tire when i was a kid. kind of sting ray gone triumph rambler. his was the stripped down version, while another kid at my school had a cadillac model with five speeds and the big gear shift on the main crossbar. how wild.

1 comment:

  1. That'san E.T bike! It's one stop short of a hover board Marti Macfly styly but those bikes fly!
    Just like Derrem hybrid Funs, I've been riding mine in double over head hollow beachies, its mental!
    Transport i just love it.