Sunday, April 4, 2010

the first surf rig?

there is a point in the late days of summer in lima when people let it all hang out. the eight months of fog become a distant memory, the sun shines from sunrise to sunset, and you can almost convince yourself that the weather is going to be this perfect all year long. san diego or mexico? hey, we have it right here, or so the thinking goes. this surf rig has appeared in the last few days at pampilla, parked there all day, the old longboard is always on the car, not in the water. the back windows are full of grateful dead stickers and obscure hawaiian surf stickers. a necklace of sea shells hangs from the rearview mirror, a sentimental touch. but it's not overdone, one of the windows was rolled down and a rumpled tabloid paper was on the driver's seat. the thing still works, has been restored but not too much, it's the real deal, i'd say. who is the owner? i know not. i assume it's a guy from the first generation of peruvian surfers who lived in hawaii way back in the day and brought the duke over to lima...

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