Monday, May 25, 2009

punta rocas

nice waves at punta rocas this weekend, with 5-6 foot waves that are about the ideal height for the break. anything bigger and it is too much for most riders. 9 feet forget about it. at 5-6 feet, it's forgiving enough so that if you drop in late you don't get pounded, and still the waves are fast enough to be challenging and fun. i saw a brazilian guy do a floater that went on forever. it was gorgeous to watch. went out on a an old 6'8" thruster that a friend of mine left here. kind of a mini-gun shape. i was worried it wouldn't do well but it caught plenty of waves and was incredibly responsive. this week i should pick up my new board and my repaired fish. woo-hoo!
photos coming soon of big phil at the beach with his life vest on!

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