Tuesday, April 28, 2009

and the seasons they are a changin'

scooby doo fog blanketed lima this morning, from the coastline to a few kilometers inland. that means summer is over and winter has started. normally, there are 5 months of sun in lima and 7 months of fog. there's no in between. it mainly depends on currents. on saturday the water was warm, but on monday it was cold and had dropped about 5 degrees celsius. cold water currents interact with tropical sun to create fog. so there you go. peru is all about microclimates. the good news about winter surfing is that fewer people are in the water. lots of whimps, and you need to say that by accentuating the h and holding it, stay home in the summer, thinking it is too cold to surf. that means bigger waves and fewer people. the waves yesterday were big and full, but it was high tide so they fattened out after the thick and mushy breaks. i've surfed here in fog so thick that you couldn't see the line up from the shore, and the only way to navigate was by listening for voices or the sound of breaking waves.

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