Thursday, April 16, 2009

best skate video ever?

i'm getting ready to buy a gopro underwater camera and stumbled onto this video on the company's site. it's the sickest skate video i've ever seen. it may just surpass the classic videos like bones brigade. it takes a couple minutes to load, but the editing and the sensation of speed and adrenaline that it communicates are overwhelming. and look at the shots of what have to be southern california, either santa barbara or ventura county, i would guess. just gorgeous. how about the shot where they round the curve and the only thing in front of them is the shining blue pacific ocean? epic.

UPDATE: the link is funky so you have to click on 'sample videos' and then scroll down to the downhill skateboarding one.

1 comment:

  1. i have an older cannon SD450 with a water case.

    you can get the water cases pretty cheap and the older cameras super cheap on ebay. the pic quality blows the gopro outta the water....

    not sure how easy it'd be to come by that in peru though.

    stoked to start seeing some water shots!