Monday, March 2, 2009

chin straps and sunsets

two photos here: the sun setting in sao paulo from a friend's balcony today, and my new rip curl baseball hat, complete with neoprene chin strap and a flap of nylon that hangs over your ears and neck. this is a way better design than the earlier model i had from rip curl, which just had an inflexible nylon strap and no flap for your neck. several times i lost the hat while surfing, and had to wait for the whitewater to settle and then padde after it before another wave arrived. one time, at cerro azul, i thought i lost it altogether and then, magically, it reappeared after i just caught my last wave of the day. i bought two of the new models, and they weren't on display at the rip curl store here. you had to ask for them. sao paulo sunsets are nice, but they don't hold a candle to sunsets on the pacific, like in lima.

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