Saturday, February 7, 2009


today i surfed barranquito, which was breaking nicely this morning, until the tide came in and it got soupy. i've always been intriqued by a reef located way outside. you can see it in the background of the photo in the little blip of whitewater on the horizon. on big days, you wait for the break at barranquito and you can hear the water crashing over the reef hundreds of yards away. it was calm this morning and luckily there were no sea doo maniacs in the ocean, so i decided to paddle out to the reef with my longboard. it's really far. not sure how far, but maybe up to one kilometer. the waves were too small to ride and disappeared only seconds after they broke, but it was worth the paddle. there were a bunch of birds just beyond the reef relaxing after eating breakfast, and a fisherman in a wooden row boat throwing out a net.

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