Wednesday, February 4, 2009

wayo whilar

wayo whilar is one of the oldest, and most respected shapers in peru. this photo of one of his longboards has nearly the same paint job as mine. it's a very nice board. he's a cool guy, charges a fair price and his shop is much less commercial than most places in lima. it's just boards, nothing else. here are his contact details: av. almirante grau 111 barranco. telf. 2476343 / 2541344. Nextel 9404*2280 for his fixed line phones, put a 511 in front of them if you're calling from outside peru, and a 5119 for his nextel.

1 comment:

  1. Wow brings back memories. My uncle and him used to surf together back in the day and I remember him taking me to that shop when I visited Peru back in 2004. Goodstuff. I'm sure he'd get a kick out of hearing the nephew of Piti (Arturo) Iberico randomly messaged you through a internet blog.

    Keep up the site bro, its good readings.