Monday, February 16, 2009


over at the magazine trip, a great brazilian publication started years ago by surfing fanatics, you can check out a profile of antonio brito, 54, a surfer and drummer who was the first guy to surf some of brazil's biggest breaks. he has traveled mostly non-stop for the last few decades. here's the best quote: “as pessoas, inconscientemente, te cobram por você querer abandonar a doutrina básica que o sistema impõe. elas querem que você se sinta culpado por buscar a sua própria liberdade. e' mais egoísmo as pessoas quererem te castrar, te segurar, do que você viajar." in english, that'd be: "unconsciously, people criticize you for wanting to abandon the basic doctrine that the system imposes. they want to make you feel guilty for trying to enjoy your own liberty. it's more egocentric of people to want to control you and hold you back than it is for you to travel and grow." it's also a magazine with a long tradition of excellent photography.

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