Wednesday, February 25, 2009

walking wounded

no surfy surf today for mr. walking wounded, limp-a-long charlie. after some clown's board assaulted me yesterday, i got to thinking about water safety and first aid. i took an extensive first aid course last year, but it didn't have a water component. it was heavy duty on how to respond to big, nasty wounds caused by bullets, explosions, and burns. punctured lungs, arterial wounds, that sort of thing. i think, though, that it'd be wise to take a water safety course, mainly so i could help other people out around me if they get into trouble. haven't found a course in peru yet, but here's one in CA. that way i could be more considerate than the guy who didn't offer me any real help. i think it's 10 stitches in the photo above, and that's excluding 3 that the doc put underneath the skin to the left of the cut to reattach a piece of facial muscle so it wouldn't flap around with a mind of its own, as i understand it.

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  1. just don't put that bolt through your neck, ok Telboy?
    abcs. Tony