Thursday, February 5, 2009


today, as i was waiting for what few waves there were to roll in, i watched a group of three pelicans hunt. i still can't believe how big they are. i see pelicans and smaller birds, which dive bomb, for fish, every time i'm in the water. about three weeks ago, i surfed next to a group of five or six dolphins right here in lima. anyway, every time i see the pelicans, i always think of a jingle my dad used to say to me when i was a kid: "a peculiar bird is the pelican, it's beak holds more than its belly can!"


  1. That saying by your father is very interesting, and it could be applied for so many situations... People that try to get much more money that they will never spend, for instance. Or when people tries to eat much more Leticia's cake with watermelon juice that their belly's capacity will stand. True, so true, your father words.

    O Embaixador.

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