Monday, February 16, 2009


only two souls in the water at barranquito today, which had decent small waves that peeled nicely to the left and required you to pump your legs for speed to stay in the wave. very interactive. i had quite a few short rides as many of the waves flattened out seconds after standing up. but two long ones took me all the way to the shore. i saw a bunch of rubbish leftover by the weekend beachgoers as i was going into the water, and wondered if the new chapter of the Surfrider Foundation here will be able to get Lima's beaches cleaned up. after i was done, geese, pelicans and smaller birds moved in for breakfast. they didn't seem to care about the plastic bags on the beach, and chowed down together on what i think were a bunch of crabs crawling around in the shallow water.
above is a photo by a friend of mine, jeff, a photographer who specializes in aerial shots. check out his site for some amazing shots of surfing in florida.

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