Wednesday, February 4, 2009

cerro azul

cerro azul is a world-class left about 120 km south of lima. the beach boys were so impressed by it that they mentioned it in their song 'let's go surfing now.' i was there on sunday for the third time. it was fairly crowded because it's summertime, and the waves were small, but i had a good time and it was the first time i've surfed my fish hybrid there. it performed really well. it's a forgiving board that can catch even garbage waves and, on big waves, in my experience, is fast and easy to control. yesterday, at redondo, i felt like i was turning just by looking where i wanted to go. one time, i just craned my neck over my right shoulder and, BOOM, i'd already switched direction. kind of like riding a motorcycle. just look where you want to go and it'll happen. so anyway, i've surfed cerro azul when it was bigger and it is amazing. there's barely any wind on the peruvian coast, so waves form perfectly and are often glassy. the second time i was there it was during the week and wintertime. i was one of only two people in the water, and a dozen dolphins were chilling out with us, grubbing down fish and sticking their bellies up in the air to relax...

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  1. Dude, this blog is great! I hope you keep on writing posts like this for all the surfers around the world that expect, one day, to go there singing "let's go surfing now, everybody is learning how, come on everybody with me!". Congrats!