Friday, February 20, 2009

wind and fog before the swell

heavy fog blanketing lima today. the fog formed 12 hours after gusty winds blew in the bay below the city of kings. wind, like rain, is rare in the desert along peru's coast. and now i realize that the wind and fog are related: a huge swell is landing early saturday, with waves of 7 feet, rising to 10 feet in the afternoon. the fog forms as hot equatorial sun interacts with cold water, and the water temperature, i think, is falling as strong winds pull up deep, cold water from chile. i plan to surf in the morning, but i may go out again in the afternoon to check out el triangulo, a mercurial break next to the tiny port of small-time fishermen in chorrillos, at the southern end of the bay. i've only seen it break once, and it was sublime to see surfers gliding by colorful wooden fishing boats bobbing on their anchors.
here's chorrillos on a clearer day...

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